Muuoinc! Paper Toys


It’s time to create your own creatures.

First, give them some color. Paint them with pencils, crayons or inks.
Second, assemble the bodies. Add heads, hairs, wings, horns and tails.
Big or small eyes. And some mustaches too.

And now, change it all again. That’s a Muuoinc!!

Each kit contains 2 bodies to assemble, together with 3 heads, 6 pairs of eyes, 6 head pieces, 3 back pieces, 2 pairs of wings, 7 tails and 3 mustaches to add.

Made with high quality 100% recycled paper, that’s easy to cut and solid for the task.

Contains 7 pages to cut, fold, glue and play.
All you need is scissors and glue.
Instructions included.

LEVEL 1 of 5

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Muuoinc! Paper Toys
Muuoinc! Paper Toys